Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More on Tomatoes and Tests

This week is my holiday from chemotherapy. DVD-R amounts to four horrible infusions over two weeks plus a pill every night (Revlimid), followed by a week to recover.

So I went to the lab today. It may have been too early. But the light-chain test will produce a result that is either higher than when I started, lower than when I started, or about the same. If it's about the same, then we test later on. If it's lower, I read delight into it. If it's higher, then, well, I'm not responding. Yet.

I'll have the test results Thursday or Friday.

What I did next was head to Walter Anderson's nursery, a company that's been selling plants in San Diego since 1928. I bought a lemon tree, a Mexican lime tree, and an orange tree. They go in the ground on Thursday. I also got a rather beautiful nematanthus "Dorothy" to hang from a beam near my piano. As it grows it will hang down nicely. Up close, it looks like goldfish are devouring the leaves.

Nematanthus "Dorothy" (Goldfish Plant)

If you've been following along, you'll know I'm down on hope that's not based on evidence. On the other hand, I plan to be around to eat of the fruit of these fine trees (they are already flowering: I got big ones). It is my intention to drink a barrel of Margaritas squeezed from the Mexican lime tree this summer, and another barrel every year after that.

I hope y'all will be able to join me; I make Margaritas with Oaxacan Mescal. :-)

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  1. Well, Lon, I'm not much for the hard stuff, but I will definitely raise a glass of something this summer with you - even if I'm still a couple of thousand miles away! When I lived in California, (several decades ago) we had a similar plant gracing the atrium. They are lovely, in bloom or not.
    I'll be looking for an update over the weekend....


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