Tuesday, January 31, 2012


After 2005 auto transplant  |       After 2010 Allo       |      After 2011 DLI
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Today, for the first time since early December, and with considerable assistance, I made it downstairs from the second floor (sixteen steps and a landing), got in the car, then went back upstairs. The went-backing part was considerably more difficult to accomplish than the go-forthing part. Yet I did reach a major milestone, because now I'm free of expensive non-emergency transportation services carrying me at scheduled times to places I don't always want to go. I can go to a restaurant or see a movie or ride over to Lake Miramar just to feed the birds. Automobiles have always meant freedom to Americans, ever since the Model-T Ford, and, now, I'm finally free again.

The first and second pictures are representative, but the third is not: for those two, all I needed was the photographer. Today, I had a physical therapist (PT) and Ivonne with me, along with a walker. Just out of view to the right is the wheelchair that got me to the spot. In truth, the only time I actually needed something to give me confidence, other than the razor strop the PT tightly cinched to me as if I were a horse, was when the wheelchair had to go down the front-porch steps, but it isn't cheating if I have Ivonne to help. I could probably have gotten myself out by myself through the garage, but what would be the point? I can't drive because of the steroids.

The photo also misleads in that I seem to look stronger in the third picture than I did after the allo. After the two transplants, I was much stronger than I am today: the GVHD of the donor lymphocyte infusion whacked me harder than my mom when she caught me smoking. There is also some nerve damage, possibly progressive, that makes doing everything arduous. I can't walk without mechanical assistance: I need a walker or a wheelchair, and, if the distance is too far, someone to push me. But at least now I can come to a standing position by myself if I have two good, high handholds and have enough sense to wait until my respiration is normal. Tomorrow will always be easier.

On the other hand, this is one of the happiest achievements of my recovery.


  1. I am so so happy for you and inspired by your courage.


  2. Lonnie; What travails you have endured! I hope the GVHD moderates in time and that you can get back to playing a little piano.

  3. We're all with you, Lon. Keep truckin'. I know, so much easier to say. But you're a hero to all of us.


  4. Your t-shirt shows your sense of humor (my son's favorite shirt). 13 years is sure inspiring. Yeah for your new milestone, and to getting out and soon about.

  5. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Hey Lonnie, guess what? I may be coming to live in San Diego! I'm currently looking at some job offers in the area and my sister also said that I can come and live with her (she fixed up the "Granny Flat" in their home for me). If you know of anybody that would like an Italian cook, cooking lessons, Italian language lessons, let me know! I'm so psyched to see you! You're amazing, truly!

  6. FREEDOM!!! Even if it is just a ride in the car can have a huge impact on one's emotional status. Congratulations. Soon you will be able to stand there without the stand by assistance. Keep pushing forward, you are doing well.
    Nancy in Phila

  7. I am still intending you are pulling in your Higher Light of energy and healing and each day you are improved over the day before and I see you standing on your own, walking on your own, doing lots of things on your own when you choose it always knowing your beloved Yvonne is your partner and helpmate to share with, and as I have said before this IS for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is...Whooooooooooo! (Amen.)

  8. way to go, Lonnie! Keep it up...you give us all hope.
    warm regards,
    grace schaub

  9. Lonnie, we am so happy for you! Your spirit, outlook, and courage are all so inspiring. What you go through just to post on your blog is so appreciated, and offers such hope to so many of us. Hang on to all the expressions of love, admiration, and thanks and let them uplift you and give you strength. We wish you the very best, Hugh and Karen


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